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Easy Address Book Web Server
is an easy and secure way to organize and manage all your personal and business contacts via web. It helps you keep detailed records on phone numbers,  e-mail, addresses,  notes and etc. You can also make a  effective collaboration on your web site to share  information, ideas, contacts between team members.
From anywhere in the world, users can add, view, modify, or administer all your personal and group's contacts using a web browser.
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Key Features

Easy to use, Simple installation and  easy to use interface.
Instantly runs a complete web server on your PCs - does not need to install any other program.
  Does not require client side installation of Software.
  Powerful search functionality to find contacts.
  An emailing option for sending email to multiple contacts on web page.
Have a built-in IP Filter, supports banning/unbanning IP address, securely.
128 Bit SSL (Security Socket Layer) support,  Server level certificate creation.
  Share contacts among multiple users in an organization or a group.
Can run as a Windows NT service.
 Export data to MS Outlook and MS Outlook Express.
Import data from MS Outlook and MS Outlook Express.
No spyware, adware or other unwanted extra programs.


What's new

Jan 8, 2007
- Easy Address Book Web Server 1.5 released.
Fix a Vulnerability
Fix a memory leak bug of HTTPS
Update the SSL certificate
Jun 13, 2006
- Easy Address Book Web Server 1.2 released.


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