Three trends in sustainable software featured at MaximoWorld 2022

Our assets, including buildings, energy grids, vehicles and industrial equipment, are key contributors to the sustainability challenges we face today. But good asset management practices can be part of the solution. That’s why at MaximoWorld, brought to you by our friends at ReliabilityWeb, we’ll showcase innovations and new use cases for Maximo. We’ll also focus on how you can adopt environmentally sound practices that create sustainable business operations while delivering more value to your organization.

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Enhanced asset performance helps you do well and do good

The essentials of sustainable operations management include reduced labor, improved products and service quality. Understanding the root cause of failure is key to process optimization and better uptime in every industry. However, many organizations have reached the limits of a traditional approach to improving operations. Here’s why AI-powered capabilities for asset performance management are critical for a more efficient, sustainable model:

Remotely monitor critical assets for enterprise-wide visibility into performance. Then use data to plan a strategic, sustainable asset strategy based on risk and criticality.
Develop predictive maintenance plans to improve asset availability by 20% and extend the lives of machines by years, which also reduces C02 emissions.
Use AI-powered visual and auditory inspections to spot minor defects before they become large-scale problems, then take action to reduce waste and rework.

Add green(er) buildings to your asset and facilities strategy

Creating environmentally responsible and resource-efficient facilities is thinking about asset management at a building level. And like every other asset with a lifecycle, you can make them more sustainable through every phase. From siting to design, construction to operation (including facilities management, maintenance, and renovation) to the deconstruction of that space, you can apply the same advanced asset management technology and processes discussed above.

For example, when it comes to your offices, you can monitor space, understand how it’s being used and right-size your real estate. And just like a manufacturing facility, you can manage and monitor the assets within each structure — like HVAC systems, elevators and even the exit signs — and use AI-driven insights to perform predictive instead of reactive maintenance and reduce the energy used and the overall carbon footprint of your portfolio. 

Plan for weather impacts while you work to reduce your influence

From acquiring raw materials to making the last-mile delivery to the end consumer, weather impacts every facet of business, daily. In 2020, there were 22 separate billion-dollar weather and climate disasters in the US alone, so you can understand why modeling the risk from weather is critical to your operations. In the same way that IoT data and AI can help protect your assets, combined with your proprietary and third-party geospatial information, this data can help you prepare for the unexpected. For example:

Better respond to environmental conditions to remain resilient and operational: from predicting weather-related outages to reducing vegetation infringement on critical infrastructure.
Reduce CO2 emissions from vehicles by using weather information to predict and avoid disruptions and plot the most efficient routes.

Meet us at MaximoWorld

From keynote to client sessions, MaximoWorld is packed with unique opportunities to learn about the future of sustainable and efficient asset management from those who don’t just understand the challenges — they know how to overcome them. Featured keynote speakers include Ford, BAE Systems, and Pedernales Electric.

Also, make sure to take in some of the many informative client sessions hosted by Sund & Bælt, Verizon, Regeneron, Medtronics, Bristol Myers Squibb, Honda, McDonald’s, AWS and more. Plus, there will also be over 30 sessions featuring IBM experts at the event, showcasing solutions from across the Maximo Application Suite.

Speaking of solutions, there will also be 50 business partners and SI’s that specialize in getting the most from your asset and facilities management platforms and programs to optimize operations and make them more sustainable, their expertise will be showcased on the expo, as well as in sessions throughout the event.

Lastly, Maximoworld will also co-host TRIRIGAWorld this year to bring best practices from the integrated workplace management world into the conversation. There will be sessions, booths, and great opportunities to learn more about the critical role facilities play in asset management and how buildings can lead the charge in reducing the impact of operations on our environment. In addition, we’re pleased to announce that Envizi, a comprehensive software platform designed to drive sustainability performance management, and the newest member of our portfolio, will also be there to share best-practices companies use to track and eliminate carbon emissions.

There will be multiple tracks that you can attend sessions in to get a comprehensive understanding of domains in the asset management space, here are a few areas of focus you will encounter that will provide great ideas and use cases that tie more intelligent asset management with sustainable business operations.

Join over 1,000 of your peers at MaximoWorld 2022. Sign up today to jumpstart your asset and facilities management transformation.

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