Update to Windows Subsystem for Android™ on Windows 11 (July 2022)

Hello Windows Insiders,

Today we are shipping an update for Windows Subsystem for Android™ on Windows 11 to all Windows Insider channels (U.S. only). This update (version 2205.40000.14.0) includes several new updates as well as routine improvements to the platform and reliability.

What’s New

Advanced Networking

We’ve made a huge change to networking! We’re now introducing advanced networking, which enables app access to local network devices for ARM computers, allowing apps to take advantage of this functionality. We’ve also enabled IPv6 and VPN connectivity, enhancing the networking functionalities of the subsystem.

Settings App Update

We’ve updated the Windows Subsystem for Android Settings app to now account for advanced networking. This means the IP address has been removed from the Developer section in the Settings app as the subsystem no longer has a different IP from your computer.

Full Changelog

Enabled Advanced Networking functionality, including app access to local network devices for ARM
VM IP address removed from Settings app. With Advanced Networking, now the IP address of the VM is the same as the host/computer IP.
Fixes for non-resizable app content on maximize or resizing
Fixes for scrolling with mouse and trackpad in apps
Android May Kernel patches
Android windows marked secure can no longer be screenshotted
Improve web browser launching
Enable doze and app standby while charging for improved power saving
ADB debug prompts redirected to Windows for improved security
Updated to Chromium WebView 101
Fixes for graphics including app flickering and graphics corruption
Fixes for video playback
AV1 Codec support
Enabled IPv6 and VPN Connectivity
Increased the performance and reliability connecting to virtual WIFI in the container
Video playback apps can now prevent the screen from turning off in Windows

Known Issues

Some VPNs may not work with Advanced Networking. If you use a VPN and find Android apps do not have network connectivity, please disable Advanced Networking in the Windows Subsystem for Android Settings app

Giving feedback

If you are having issues with Windows Subsystem for Android™ – please file feedback via Feedback Hub under Apps > Windows Subsystem for Android™. For more information about troubleshooting and submitting feedback: Troubleshooting and FAQ for mobile apps on Windows.

Windows Insider Program Team

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